Sunday, June 6, 2010

DoubleBack is here!

So as some of you who follow the exploits of Tastings Wine Bar and Bistro know, we held the local release party of Drew Bledsoe’s new wine venture known as Doubleback. If you don’t know the history of Drew Bledsoe, here it is in a nutshell…Drew was drafted #1 overall in the 1993 NFL draft by your own New England Patriots. Together with then Head Coach Bill Parcells, Drew was the building block that turned the Patriots franchise from pretender to contender. In fact, since this is a blog, and is not subject to the boundaries of actual facts, I would say that if the Patriots had instead drafted Rick Mirer that year, I wouldn’t be writing this blog because the Patriots would be playing in Connecticut! No Gillette Stadium, no Patriot Place, no Tastings Wine Bar & Bistro, no Memories in a Bottle…you know what I’m saying?
And back to reality. Drew retired from the NFL in 2007. It was actually prior to this date that he started his now full time venture known as Doubleback. Drew was raised in Walla Walla, Washington. Oenophiles will know that Washington State is ripe with rich soils and is a fantastic venue for growing great wine grapes. So, unbeknownst to Mr. Bledsoe, who like most kids growing up in the Pacific Northwest was a solid beer drinker, his next door neighbor’s happened to be the family that makes Leonetti! Coincidentally, Leonetti is some of the finest Merlot in the country, not just Washington State. After growing up and maturing, Drew’s taste switched to becoming more of a wine sophisticate. His eyes were opened when he realized that he was living next to Chris Figgins (Chris’ parents owned Leonetti), and Chris is widely recognized as one of the great wine makers in the country. And so began the partnership between Drew and Chris.
When Tastings learned of this new wine venture, we knew that with our location and proximity to ‘The House that Drew Built’, we needed to be involved in the process of promoting this wine. ABOUT THE WINE: This inaugural Vintage of 2007, is comprised of non estate grown fruit. 77% Cabernet Sauvignon, 12% Merlot, 11% Cabernet Franc. The vines for the DoubleBack owned vineyards were planted roughly 7 years ago and will be ready to bear fruit good enough for the bottling within the next 3-5 years. For now, thanks to Winemaker Chris Figgins’ contacts in the industry, they source only the best grapes from select vineyards in Walla Walla Valley.
With all of this said, there were only 600 cases of 2007 DoubleBack released. 375 cases were immediately withheld for their mailing list. Which, by my math leave roughly 225 cases for sale. To be clear, this wine is super limited production, and most states in the country will never get even one case. Tastings Wine Bar & Bistro, however, is not most states! Not only did we just receive our shipment of DoubleBack, but Drew was kind enough to hand sign every bottle! I don’t think I need to mention what a collector’s item this is. Tastings is releasing for sale at this time 6 bottles of hand signed DoubleBack Cabernet. The wine must be consumed on premises, but we will gladly pack the signed bottle for you to take home!
Not to leave this out, but the wine tastes great too. Big and rich, with chewy tannins, but a velvety soft mouth feel. The wine is well balanced in a European style blend, but has loads of New World fruit. Stop by Tastings soon and ask about DoubleBack…these bottles won’t last long!

Scott Shoer
GM/Wine Guy

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  1. I never looked at Drew that way... but now that you say it, you're completely right! Interesting how one thing can lead to another. Great blog! Perhaps I'll visit soon to taste the new wine. It sounds delicious.